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We offer aerial imaging, utilizing both photography and video, using a 'drone' or UAV.

Broadhouse Media has obtained Permission for Commercial Operations from the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to allow the use of a UAV (more often referred to as a 'drone') for commercial purposes.  This enables the production of aerial photographs and videos for suitable properties.

To obtain the Permission for Commercial Operations (PFCO) Michael Anderson and Angela Anderson had to undergo extensive training and a practical flight test to achieve this.

Not all properties will be suitable for this, for example properties in built up areas, as the rules relating to UAV operations do not allow us to operate in 'congested' areas. Under these circumstances, we can undertake elevated photography using a telescopic pole.

For each job a specific working procedure is followed to ensure safety while flying. These include:

  • Pre-site survey to ensure we are in safe airspace and that we can avoid any hazards

  • On-site survey to confirm the items noted in the pre-site survey and to look for other factors that may affect the operation

  • A risk assessment

  • Weather monitoring

  • Keeping logbooks for the pilot's and aircraft's hours

  • Aircraft condition maintenance logbooks

  • Pre and post flight checklists

These steps are to ensure that the operation and flights are carried out in a safe manner and are a requirement by the CAA in allowing us to conduct 'Commercial Operations.

We take great care in making sure any risk factors are investigated, evaluated and where possible mitigated before any flight takes place.  Where a flight is deemed to be unsafe it will not go ahead.

The aircraft is fitted with 'failsafe' technology allowing us to initiate an auto-pilot feature enabling the aircraft to return and land itself.

Based in Wivenhoe, just outside Colchester, Broadhouse Media is ideally situated to cover the North Essex and South Suffolk area.


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CAA Approved
ID: 1776
Permission for Commercial Operations
Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA)


If you have a project in mind then please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.